You can pay your fees to Glebe Rowing Club in a number of ways.

Direct Deposit or Cheque

For direct deposit, please use the following details for your payment:
  • Name: Glebe Rowing Club
  • BSB: 951 200
  • Account No: 012 681 381
  • Payment Reference: Your name and the fee type

Credit Card / PayPal

Using PayPal features you are able to pay via credit card or PayPal. Note that these services charge a fee and so if you pay using this approach the cost is higher to cover the PayPal fees. To use this method just select the appropriate Buy Now button below. You can also pay race fees in this way by selecting the applicable amount of race fees below. If you want to pay a different amount you will need to use the direct deposit approach.

Fee List

Fee Type Direct Deposit/Cheque Card / PayPal
Senior/Senior Voting


Student (full-time) $350.00 $359.40
Junior Active (18 years of age or under) $350.00 $359.40
Rack Fee (1 Seat) $350.00 $359.40
Race Fees ($100) $100.00 $102.75
Race Fees ($200) $200.00 $205.50
Race Fees ($400) $400.00 $410.70