GRC Round Up 24/08/17

Junior Program

We are currently advertising a Junior LTR program to get more 16 to 20 year old Juniors through a program. The target is Year 7/8 but we will take older. This will then be followed by a more comprehensive Learn to Train and eventually a Learn to Race program to boost our Juniors within the Club. Be on the lookout for more details and Holiday programs coming up .

Fundraising and Social Committees

Quite a few members have come forward offering their help in organising some Fundraising and Social Events. Firstly, thank you! We’re looking forward to what’s coming up over the next few months. If you can help the organisers will need and welcome your support and input. Details will follow over the coming few weeks.

Keeping the Club clean

Anna is creating a Cleaning Roster. It will be a monthly roster where 1, 2 or 3 people are responsible for each area for that month. Areas include: Men’s Toilets & Showers, Women’s Toilets & Showers, Upstairs Kitchen & Floor, Trophy Cabinet, Windows & Balcony, Downstairs Toilet, Downstairs Floor, Bins & Grounds. Anna’s aim is to organise small teams of people who like to work together. Please email Anna on: to let her know who you would like to work with. Or if you prefer to do the job on your own please let her know that too.

Boat Maintenance / Boat Update

Monday night was the second week of regular maintenance on Boats. Thanks to the girls who showed up to clean up the Frank Dempsey. This week is the Charlie Smith. We have new foot plates that have just arrived so it will be easier to adjust. If you row the Charlie, see you Monday night from 5.15/5.30pm.

Please check the Boat Booking system or the white board for boats that due to be maintained over the coming weeks. The expectation is that if you row it, you take part in the up keep.
– Dan Bourke is now Bookable
– Max Solling is now Bookable
– New sculling Oars ordered and on their way
– New Tinnie Due early September

Trailer Update

Thanks to the small crew that completed the Trailer repairs so that it could be registered for the upcoming Season. Remember first regatta is this Saturday. We have lodged a Grant application for a new trailer and will not know the outcome until November so at this stage we continue with the current trailer.

Regatta Updates

Below is list of Regattas that the Club will support in 2017.

Please ensure you are registered with RowingNSW.

Good luck to the first competitors of this season at the Head of the Nepean !!

Next Regatta is in the Hunter on Sunday 10 September. This is a great Regatta on the Hunter River well worth the day. Remember to thank the person who tows the Trailer for your Regatta !

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