GRC Round Up 19/08/17

Head of the Nepean, Saturday 26 August

This is a fun singles only 5km time trial on the beautiful Nepean River. Even if you haven’t specifically been training for it, why not have a go? Information at

You need to get your entries to Mark asap (, and definitely before 4pm this Monday 21 August.

Member Survey

If you haven’t already done so, please complete the member survey emailed out to all members earlier this week. This will provide valuable feedback to allow us to respond and develop the Club to meet members’ needs.

From Luke, Vice Captain:


Before you can enter any regatta you must either become a member of RowingNSW or renew your membership. Please do it now so we don’t have to chase you to do your regatta entry.

This year we would like to have a plan for the regattas club members and coaches would like to be involved in. This will assist in planning how, when and what each regatta will look like. If all racing members or those that plan to compete this year should start to think about what regattas they’d like to attend this year. We will very soon start to collect this information. Even if you don’t have a crew for a regatta, please still think about days and times as Brad and Luke will assist to form a crew.

Boat Maintenance

We have now compiled the maintenance plan for all boats, tinnies and outboard motors. This plan is to complete preventative maintenance on one boat per week with the crews that commonly row the boat. To find out when a boat is due for maintenance it will be updated in the boat booking system on the resources page. This will indicate the next service date and Ken’s phone number. In the coming weeks, we will be working on implementing a web form that will be used to report repairs or concerns with boats. As soon as this process is up and running we will communicate.

To date the Pratt has been serviced and the Frank Dempsey is actively being attended to by an eager bunch of ladies now rowing this boat.

Boat Booking System

The committee recently undertook an audit of the members list in comparison to the users on the boat booking system. We noticed there are a number of members that are not currently users of the boat booking system. It is extremely important that we are all booking boats when we want to use them and that members have access to the booking system. If you do not have access, the instructions are available in the members only section of the website. If you are still having concerns with getting access, please email Brad ( or Luke ( to assist. Further, if you do not have access to the members only section of the website, let us know.

We plan to increase the use of both these systems in the future for communications and club use so let’s ensure you have the access now so important information is not missed.

Shed Signs

You will start to notice signs are being put up around the shed indicating where equipment, boats and oars go. This will include signs for boats, and indicating where public and private equipment is stored. Please take note when you are putting equipment away and ensure it is in the right place.

If you own private oars, please ensure they are clearly labelled with your name. This helps any members who may be confused about which oars are private and which are general purpose. We have noticed that a number of members with boats have started to sling their oars with their boats, this is a fantastic idea and we would love to see all members in this position do the same. This will help us with storage space and being able to accommodate more private or public oars.

From this weekend you will start to see all club oars being marked with the glebe stickers. Please note these stickers indicate that the oars are for general purpose club use. We are also in the process of replacing oars with new ones. We will create a space clearly labelled “Racing Blades” in this section. These oars are preferred for racing and will be available to racing crews in the first instance.

Any other suggestions you have about the shed and what we can do to improve the overall experience please let us know.

Coaches Meeting

The second session of the Coaches subcommittee meetings was held last week. The size of the group has increased and some very robust conversation was had. This group is meeting once per month to discuss resources, challenges, ideas and improvements. Coaching resources, standards and learning is also a major focus for the group. We are engaging in both peer to peer learning and getting assistance from external coaches and Rowing NSW to assist develop our coaches and programs. Last week we were lucky enough to have Milan give a presentation on the lymphatic and cardiac systems and how this affects training and athletes. As this group progresses we will communicate the outcomes. Any ideas or suggestions please speak to your coach, Brad, Luke or one of the Committee.

Don’t forget open coaching sessions are available to everyone on Thursday morning 0630-0800 and Saturday 0830-1030. Contact Brad and Luke or just turn up at these timeslots.

Mick Kelly is also available to coach small groups on Sunday mornings. If you are interested in this please email or

Mentorship Process

Recently the new committee agreed to a new process of attracting and developing new rowers at Glebe Rowing Club. This new process will now afford an experienced coach or rower (subject to Committee approval) the ability to sign up and mentor a new rower over the course of 10 rows. This new process is designed to work alongside the learn to row program as an alternative learning pathway to bring new inexperienced rowers in to the club. For more details, costs and what is expected of both the mentor and mentee, please email Brad or Luke.

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