GRC Round Up 06/08/17

From the Club Captain, Brad:

Hi All

Well, the first week in the job has been busy and I can tell you there is loads to do! And so much enthusiasm in this Club to get things done and make Glebe a great, fun place to row.

A huge thanks to all that showed up to the JB Sharp series of regattas. This is the start of the upcoming season and to see a Womans 8+ on the water and so many upcoming Novice/Junior rowers is so encouraging. Well done to the Mens and Woman’s 8+ who, through consistently coming along and racing won the inaugural Balmain Trophy – something no other Club can take away from us. We Won it first!!

Special Mention to Julian and Max, two Novice rowers who showed right through the series as Novices who did very well – well done proud Coach Ken.

Over the coming weeks you we expect to give you all a lot of information about what we are doing in the Shed in respect to Boats, Maintenance, Coaching, Junior Programs, Safety etc. Please keep a look out in the upcoming round ups and notice board at the Club.

Until then some preparation for the up coming Season ahead. Have you renewed your Rowing NSW membership; or if you’re a new rower going to compete, have you registered? Have you paid your Race fees $100 in advance? There is an expectation that all racing members willl have $100 in credit to to cover race fees.

Some upcoming regattas are listed below. Let your Coach know what you want to enter and when you are available. If in doubt, please have a chat to Luke or me anytime. Our contact details are on our website Make sure you have access to the Member Content on the website so you can keep up to date on what’s happening at the Club.

Saturday 26 August – Head of Nepean singles. 5km Narrows to Bridge
Sunday 10 September – Henley on Hunter. This is a great country regatta, very much a fun Sunday outing into the country (2hrs away from Sydney )
Saturday 16 September – Head of Nepean Crew Boats, fours and eights. 5km
Saturday 23 September – Head of Shoalhaven. 7.5km Time Trial, big boats only. This is great scenic row and good preparation for Head of Yarra crews
Saturday 23 September – Shoalhaven Sprints. After the Head race, it’s then a great day on the river bank to enjoy some fun 400m sprints
Most crews for this Shoalhaven Regattas head down on the Friday night as its an early start on the Saturday Morning (2.5 – 3 hours drive from Sydney). This year we could arrange another long row on the Saturday afternoon followed by another row on the Sunday morning for those wanting to make a weekend of it and enjoy some great water on the river. The Shoalhaven RC Captain has offered support for GRC to do a mini training weekend – let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks Brad
0423 311 242

From the Vice Captain, Luke

⦁ the 2nd coaches meeting will be scheduled in the coming weeks and will continue monthly. Please see below a summary of the objectives agreed to. The coaches welcome any feedback you might have
⦁ a new 8 and oars have arrived and once it is fitted out will be ready to go
⦁ a new 4+/- is not far away
⦁ a new single will shortly be available
⦁ the heavy weight Dan Burke will shortly be available as a black boat
⦁ the next Learn To Row is in October. We always need volunteers. Please contact Catherine at
⦁ we want to set up sub committees to focus on and perform various activities (Social/Fundraising, Boat maintainance)
⦁ we’re aiming for a club social activity very soon

Thanks Luke

From the President, Mark:

Welcome to the incoming Glebe Rowing Club Committee:
Mark Tietjen, President
Brad Smith, Captain
Luke Fleming, Vice Captain
Andrew Honey, Secretary
Jeff Duncan-Nagy, Treasurer
Ken Major
Adam Ramshaw

A huge thank you to the outgoing Committee for their dedication and their efforts to keep the Club humming along. The following members are no longer on the Committee:
Frank Dempsey. Many members only know Frank from the boat named after him. Frank was on the Committee for over 10 years and provided a quiet but solid guiding contribution to many of the positive changes the Club underwent. I’m sure Frank will still be a regular at the Old Boys functions.
Kellie Edmunds
Istvan Nemeth
Julie Wass

Important: Redevelopment of Blackwattle Bay.

Information about the Bays Market District (formerly referred to as the Fish Market redevelopment) is available at
We strongly urge you to complete the survey, which you may note, does not refer to onwater sport and recreation. Please feel free to note this in the free text fields with emphasis on the potential impact on rowing and onwater safety in the Bay.

From the Committee:

We plan to make the minutes of committee meetings available via the website. In summary, from the inaugural meeting of the new committee:
⦁ Jenny McKeown volunteered to put together a submission for a grant for a new trailer. Let’s hope its successful
⦁ we’re looking at how to accommodate members who are not full members but want to row occasionally
⦁ the Captain will write to the JB Sharp committee to congratulate them on the success of the 2016 series
⦁ Mark was meeting with the CEO of Dragon Boats NSW to discuss the proposed developments around Blackwattle Bay with a view to protecting onwater sport and recreation
⦁ from the Treasurer – the Club is in a healthy financial position. Please be aware the Club has changed banks. Details are on the website
⦁ members who haven’t renewed should do so
⦁ 5 new members welcomed (Please make yourself known to them and welcome them to the Club):
Cameron Ogilvy
Oliver Ryan
Christian Nitu
Henry Gayst
Prasad Giribalan
⦁ the Learn to Row Training Manual has been updated. This is on the website and all members can benefit from reading it as a good refresher about handling boats etc
⦁ the coaches meeting was successful and will provide a regular forum for ongoing feedback both from and to the coaches
⦁ the boat trailer needs repairs before it can be re-registered. A new trailer is needed
⦁ Luke and Brad are following up on obtaining quotes for a new tinnie
⦁ Brad/Ken to set up an outboard service plan
⦁ Brad/Ken to set up an action list for boat repairs
⦁ Committee agreed for the need of subcommittees:
⦁ Social subcommittee
⦁ Coaches subcommittee – in existence
⦁ Grants subcommittee
⦁ Womens subcommittee – the new committee is all male and we need to ensure women are well represented in all decision making
⦁ a member survey will shortly be sent out
⦁ The Old Boys have requested a plinth out the front of the club in the triangle formed by the walkway
⦁ there needs to be a strategy for removing the canoes from the club.

Coaching Meeting Objectives

⦁ make recommendations to the executive about club direction, resources and ways to improve the club and its rowers
⦁ develop and maintain coaching material, club rowing standards and ensure that all athletes under their care are taught and held accountable to the agreed principles and guidelines
⦁ create an environment where athletes are attracted, developed, recognised adn retained in an inclusive environment open to all levels of rowers
⦁ develop each other as coaches through communication, peer to peer learning, coaching discussion sessions and actively engaging each other for the betterment of coaches, athletes and Glebe Rowing Club
⦁ be a contact point for all Glebe Rowing Club athletes, providing guidance, assistance and encouragement
⦁ create a selectors committee for Glebe Rowing Club that can make recommendations about boat allocation, racing crews and development opportunities
⦁ assist in the mentoring program: Learn to Row and the ongoing development of all rowers at Glebe Rowing Club

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