GRC Round Up 13/08/17

Captains Report

Boat News

New 8+ There has been a delay installing foot stretchers as Sykes is out of stock until November so we are making carbon ones ourselves. We expect to install them this Thursday along with the mica plates. When the new shoes arrive from India (New Wave), it will be on the water. Thanks to Sammy for checking all the cabling and supplying a cox box holder.

Jack Doig will be repaired this week and should be OK to row from Saturday morning.

Max Solling will also be repaired this week and should be ready to row from Saturday.

Leo Mcrae now has new shoes installed so feel free to book it and row.

Dan Bourke is awaiting new shoes and once these are installed, it will be available to book and row.

We will start a Boat Maintenance plan in September. Every week there will a spotlight on one boat (crew boats 2x upwards). During that week the people who row that boat will need to arrange with Ken the best time to service that boat.

For example, the Hughie Williamson: 2 crews typically row this boat. The crews need to contact Ken and he is free Sunday morning. Your crew arrives, he will brief you on what needs to be done on the boat and will show you how to maintain it. He will also set the height and check all the pitches etc.

The plan will be on the Noticeboard so there will be no surprises and will be reminded every roundup. The plan is that by Christmas, nearly everyone has learnt how to maintain and look after the boats you row .

Working Bees. We have nominated 4 only dates for Working Bees this Season so put these dates in your diary now:

3 September
10 December
10 March
3 June

These dates are now in the Club Calendar. All members are expected to attend 2 Working Bees over the Season. They will be no longer than 2 hours and tasks will be posted before the day. Each Working Bee will have a Co-ordinator making sure you don’t have any hands on hips. Remember 3 September

Safety on the Water – I learnt of an incident with a Manly Fast Ferry directly from Rowing NSW this week. Please be extra careful around the ferries. They are a lot bigger than us and often don’t see us. During no Daylight hours they must look out for us and use all appropriate means to signal their intent of backing or moving forward. Please let me or Luke know of any incidents so we can quickly notify Maritime. Incident forms filled out days and weeks later often get little or no response.

Cleaning Roster – Anna kindly offered to organise a cleaning roster and made a start, cleaning up around the Kitchen Area over the last couple of weeks. A huge thank you for what she’s done so far. We are looking at implementing Anna’s recommendations to keep the Club clean. Expect to see your name on a roster, coming soon!

From Mark

I’m sure everyone is aware of the state government’s plan to redevelop the Fish Markets, to be known as The Bays Market District. Their aim is to increase visitors from the current 3 million per year to 6 million. It will potentially have a significant impact on our use of Blackwattle Bay, as, amongst other things, part of the plan is to bring many of those people in and out with a ferry service.

Urban Growth, who are managing the Bays Precinct, currently have a survey where you can provide feedback. The survey offers no acknowledgement of on water sport and recreation or the use of the Bay by self powered craft such as rowing and dragon boating. However, there are free text fields where you can highlight rowers’ needs.

A few years ago a Development Application was approved for the Sydney Heritage Fleet to build a marina under the bridge near the Dragon Boats. A modification to this DA has been lodged to build this as the Blackwattle Bay Marina to be used by charter boat – we understand all those currently moored where the new Market District is to be built. Along with Dragon Boats NSW and SUWRC we have lodged a submission noting our concerns.

Dragon Boats NSW
I met with Glenn Tasker, the CEO of Dragon Boats NSW. You may not be aware, but 16 Clubs with a total of over 800 paddlers boat from under the bridge. Dragon Boats NSW owns the boats and as you can imagine, they’re heavily booked. They don’t have secure tenure of the area they occupy and are very worried that they could be moved on, even though they have been given assurances.

I know everyone will continue to share the water harmoniously with our dragon boat friends.

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