Glebe RC – Roundup

This week’s roundup from the Vice Captain, Luke:


Since the last roundup, GRC was well represented at the Spring Regatta and the following day the Social Men’s 8 battled the Iron Cove Classic 1. Although the boys did not take first position they did improve their time on the prior head race. Well done! It was also wonderful to see Julie Wass out coxing for Sydney University Women’s. Well done! Julie this is a wonderful show of sportsmanship and goes a long way to continuing the good reputation of the club.

The Spring Regatta saw some amazing achievements:

Andy – 1st C and D grade single

Men’s 8 – 1st place in C grade

Tim and Ben – 1st in the C grade double

Tim, Ben, JB and Brad – 1st in the C grade quad


It was also wonderful to see Lauren and Fran back racing a double and Lauren, Fran, Emma and Barbara representing the women in a quad for the first time, and in doubles and singles. Great to see GRC juniors out racing. Well done to Cosmin and Everett! Further congratulations to all the other competing GRC members.  

We are currently in second place in the overall Rowing NSW points score. Let’s see if we can slip into 1st position before the end of the year. GO GLEBE!  


A strong theme throughout the member survey was the need to ensure the committee was listening to member feedback so they could make informed decisions about the direction and future of the club. With this in mind, we have developed an online feedback or suggestions form for members to send through ideas, feedback or general comments. This form has been developed so you can anonymously put feedback in or you can choose to put your name down. Should you wish to put your name against the feedback, the committee will ensure that you are provided with a response after the next committee meeting. For anonymous feedback it will also be reviewed at the committee meeting and feedback will be provided where needed via the weekly round-up.


The committee recognises that we do not have all the answers and we have many wonderful and talented members who will have great ideas to make GRC even better, so feel free to start giving us ideas. The link to the online form is below.


Keep your eyes peeled on social media in the coming days. Our fundraising committee led by Bec will release a Crowd Funding Campaign in the coming days. The purpose of this campaign is to raise much needed funds to purchase further coaching boats and equipment. The member survey highlighted that this was high on the agenda for our members and we already have a number of sessions in place and looking to encourage more coaches to be out on the water. For this to occur we really need more, good quality, reliable coaching equipment. In particular a further 2 outboard motors and potentially an additional Tinny.  

Once the campaign is released on social media, can I ask that you share, share, share to as many people as you can. Donations can be as little or as much as people like but it all adds up. The details will all be available on the campaign page. Any questions please let us know.

Social Media

Thanks to Daren who has taken over our social media presence and is now actively trying to raise our profile online through Facebook and Instagram. Please, if you have something to share about GRC we want to see it. We are fine tuning the access details but we really want all members to be able to have the ability to post on all our social media platforms. If you have something to post and not sure or able to do it please lets us know. Let’s really come together and celebrate all our member achievements no matter if they are at a regatta, a personal PB, erg scores or first time in a scull.

Upcoming Regattas

November 4 – Head of the Parramatta

November 12 – Iron Cove Classic 3

November 25 – Head of the Yarra

December 2 – Reindeer Regatta

January 12, 13, 14 – Taree

Remember we are trying to get as much participation from the club as possible for Reindeer and Taree. Accommodation in Taree is competitive so speak to Luke if interested.

Please ensure you get your entries to Mark as early as possible –  Entries officially close on the Monday before the regatta but it is not fair on our volunteer administrators to deal with last minute requests, chase up memberships etc to ensure your entry is done.

Learn to Row

This week is the final week of the current learn to row course with 18 eager new rowers making their way through the course. I’d like to take the time to thank the following club members who assisted in the this LTR program. Patrick, Nick, Claire, Alan, Mark and Aaron. It’s wonderful to see members giving back to the club and the new rowers. If you see some new faces around the club they could absolutely be new rowers from LTR so say hello. I will be looking for mentors to assist with any of the LTR rowers who decide to join the club. This will involve signing up to one row per week with them and giving them some of your time and knowledge.

Important Dates

Trivia Night – Keep the night of Friday 8 December free


Don’t forget that if a boat needs attention, please complete the online form. This form can be found at the following address.

Now that the new ergs are in the club we are looking to move the old ergs on. If you are interested in taking these please make an offer. Email Brad at

Shed Update

A gentle reminder to all members to clean up the ergs after use. Could I also ask that we ensure that towels for wiping down boats are placed in the correct spot rather than being hung over boats.

We are currently in the process of confirming which members have access cards so that new cards can be added to the system. If you currently hold an access card and have not been asked for the details by Luke, please send this to by Sunday 29th October 2017. If you can’t get it done by that time no problems please just let us know. Numbers that cannot be verified as being assigned to a member will most likely be reallocated after this date so please send the details through. Take a photo and email with your name is all you need to do.  

Special Thanks

I would like to take the time to officially recognise yet again the efforts of Jenny McKeown. Jenny has submitted another grant application on behalf of the club to try to acquire funds for new equipment and resources at GRC. Amazing work yet again and I might add, a good portion of this work was done from Berlin. Finger crossed..!


REMINDER – The Club runs a number of Open Coaching sessions each week where everyone is welcome to attend. The times and days are below. We do ask that you let us know prior to the day so we can expect you. If you cannot attend any of these times but still want some coaching, feel free to ask Brad for further assistance or 0423 311 242 .

We are looking at ensuring the Sunday Club Row continues. The feedback from the town hall meeting was to move this to 8am. This will also then allow those who go out early on Sunday to have their serious training row and then join in. 






Ergos 5.30 – 7pm


On water 5.15-8am




Ergos, circuits 5.30-7pm



On water 5.30-7pm 





On water 8.30- 10.30



 0800 – Club Row 


Please note the earlier time now for Tuesday morning covering two time slots 5.15 to 6.30am and 6.30 to 8am 


Please be aware that the very convenient parking within the school grounds is not for our use. We need to maintain our ongoing relationship with our friends at the school. Many teachers arrive early before we’re off the water to find our cars in their parking spaces.

Please do not park in the school grounds during the week

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